Wave Types – “The Resolve” EP

July 26, 2021

Wave Types has once again embarked on a musical odyssey, presenting their second EP, "The Resolve." Much like their previous endeavor, this sonic masterpiece was meticulously crafted within the intimate confines of drummer, producer, and engineer Rob Kelly's home studio, a place where their creativity flourishes.

In a harmonious collaboration with the visionary talents of Dreamcatcher Studio, the EP received a touch of sonic magic, with mixing and mastering elevating it to new heights of brilliance.

"The Resolve" isn't just music; it's a testament to the creative synergy of Wave Types. It's a reminder that the journey itself is as important as the destination, and that artistry knows no limits when fueled by passion and resolve.


Donny is professional in every sense of the word. I respect his insight and knowledge. I love the fact he is a talented musician himself, and his ability to think like a musician when mixing is prevalent. He does what’s right for the song and the musicians who created it. The passion I had for my own music he had as well. So ask yourself this, why wouldn’t you want to work with someone who feels the way you do about your music?

Alex Cooke guitarist of Wave Types

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Credits: Mixing & Mastering

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