Hamid J – “Nothin’ Perfect 2 Say”

August 11, 2021

I didn't fully understand what mixing & mastering was, meant, or how it impacted my music. As an indie artist,  mixing/mastering wasn't a huge priority for me at first until I was introduced to Donny who helped mix and master my track "Nothin' Perfect 2 Say". The entire creative team and I were thrilled with the way Donny transformed & elevated the track. I don't know the technical terms to describe his work - but what I can share is that he added things to the song that we didn't event think about and overall brought the vision for story to life. I have since worked with him on two other singles and looking forward to have him mix/master my debut album

Hamid J


Los Angeles sensation, Hamid J, unveils his heartfelt ballad, "Nothin' Perfect 2 Say," a sonic masterpiece crafted by the brilliant duo of Charlotte Martin and Matt Cady. Hamid is a musical visionary, conjuring melodies that capture the very essence of emotions and experiences.

Donny and Hamid had discussed the deep emphasis on creating an atmospheric, almost ethereal quality to the music, allowing it to breathe and evolve like a canvas suspended in the sky. The primary goal of Dreamcatcher Studio was to ensure that the emotions within the song shone brilliantly, painting a vivid aerial landscape of intensity and passion as the journey unfolds.

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Credits: Mixing & Mastering