Overthoughts – “Trust Me”

March 19, 2021

Overthoughts – a bunch of musical wizards who not only conjure up enchanting tunes but also spread their melodic wisdom through the art of teaching! 🎶📚

Bandmate Will Lopez doubles as the captain of Dymaxion Recording in charming Frederick, MD! 🚀🎧

But wait, the plot thickens in the most delightful way: When the global pandemic tried to dampen their groove, these creative geniuses huddled together, summoned the mystical powers of Dreamcatcher, and let their music soar through the digital realm. 🌐✨

Picture this: They remotely streamed audio through the internet straight into Pro Tools, transforming cyberspace into their musical playground! 🎮🎵

They held Zoom meetings where each band member chimed in with their brilliant thoughts and opinions in real-time after each recording take. 🎤💬

In the face of adversity, Overthoughts didn't miss a beat – they embraced the virtual realm and kept the creative juices flowing. It's a heartwarming reminder that music and collaboration know no boundaries, not even a pandemic! 🌈🎶🌟

Disclaimer : Explicit Content

Credits: co-production, vocal recording, mixing.

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