Lindsay Drake – “Katie”

March 29, 2024

Atlanta-based artist Lindsay Drake has released a deeply moving single titled "Katie," a song years in the making and steeped in spiritual themes. This track is a tribute to a significant, though enigmatic, figure in Lindsay's life, hinting at a profound connection that transcends the physical realm. Recorded by Daniel Daughtridge at Watership Studios and co-produced by Charlotte Martin, "Katie" is a testament to enduring bonds and the unseen forces that shape our lives.

The song invites listeners to explore themes of love, loss, and the spiritual connections that persist beyond our earthly experiences. Lindsay's powerful storytelling and emotional depth make "Katie" a must-listen for anyone drawn to music's ability to touch the soul.

We urge everyone to experience "Katie" for themselves, available on all major streaming platforms. Join Lindsay Drake on this poignant journey, and let the song's heartfelt message resonate with your own experiences of love and remembrance.

Credits: Mixing & Mastering