Submission Guidelines

Please pay close attention as there is an additional setup fee for sent files that do not follow the guidelines.


  • For Mixing Services

  • For Mastering Services

Pro Tools Users

  • Navigate to File > Save Copy In…
  • Make sure to check Audio Files


  • .WAV audio files only
  • …in the same sample rate\bit depth at which they were recorded (usually 44.1\24 or 48\24).
  • Every track should be consolidated from 0:00 until the end of the session.
  • Should not have any additional plugins, unless you deem them vital to the track instrumentally.
  • Please ensure that all mono tracks are actually sent as mono. Most files should be mono (guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks).  Usually stereo files are drum overheads/room mics, ...anything that was recorded with two mics, certain FX and synth tracks, etc.
  • Please go through and make sure file names communicate - Please don’t use names that just happen to populate! (For example, don’t have unnecessary suffixes like “…_1”, etc.) and avoid * | " : < > ? / \
    (believe it or not using those characters in the name results in a digital alteration of the file).
  • Add a number to the beginning! (notice in photo below how it keeps files together in a proper order).  
  • Include at least one MIDI file per song. (If you don't have any, make one. It can be as little as two notes. One at the first measure and one at the final measure.) This will give us tempo / meter information.
  • Include a rough mix for our reference.
  • If multiple songs, have separate folders with their song title (see photo below).