When I started out making music, I didn’t fully understand what mixing & mastering was, meant or how it impacted music. As an indie artist, you have to be really smart & strategic on how you invest your money and mixing/mastering wasn’t a huge priority for me at first.
That is until I was introduced to Donny. The entire creative team and I were thrilled with the way Donny transformed & elevated the track. I don’t know the technical terms to describe his work – but what I can share is that he added things to the song that we didn’t even think about and overall brought the vision for story to life. I have since worked with him on two other singles and looking forward to have him mix/master my debut album.
— Hamid J

Working with Donny is without a doubt one of the best decisions we have made as a band. Between his incredible ear for details, his innate knowledge of the software at his disposal, and his always on point production suggestions, he has seriously influenced our recordings in such a positive way. I was literally dumbfounded at the sound of our first mix, it sounded so good. Do yourself a favor, and just book a session with Donny today.
— Will Lopez


Donny is professional in every sense of the word. I respect his insight and knowledge. I love the fact he is a talented musician himself, and his ability to think like a musician when mixing is prevalent. He does what’s right for the song and the musicians who created it. The passion I had for my own music he had as well. So ask yourself this, why wouldn’t you want to work with someone who feels the way you do about your music?
— Alex Cooke


Working with Donny is always a pleasure. Great taste and technical ability coupled with the enthusiasm to follow any creative thread I throw his way has made for a beautiful symbiosis. A true 5-star man.
— Sean Lynott


Donny is the producer an artist needs when they are looking to develop their sound and put out the best product possible. When we went in to record “Limits”, we had so many ideas, and we weren’t sure which way we wanted to go. Donny helped us narrow down our ideas to create the perfect track for our next single. He’s a breeze to work with, and went above and beyond to make our song something in which we are ecstatic to share with the world. Donny pushes artists to be the best they can be in writing, recording, and performing.
— Julie Wanner


Working with Donny was such a fun and creative experience. Creating ‘Youngblood’ was something I had imagined of doing for months, but I wanted to do it right, and I definitely think we did that. I was, and still am, impressed with the quality of the music we made and how quickly we made it happen. There was never moment I doubted that this project wouldn’t be successful. Donny listened to what I wanted and taught me what was happening along the way. I’m looking forward to everyone hearing this project and what we make next!
— Britt Marie


Typically, when you enter a studio, a rush of feelings engulf you. You may feel nervous, and intimidated, or you may feel inspired and excited. Walking into Dreamcatcher Studio, I felt right at home. I felt nothing but positivity and encouragement during the recording process. I left that day feeling motivated, and excited. I felt like I could accomplish any task. Working with Donny was not only fun, but very insightful. I left with more knowledge about life than I did when I entered. Donny is an incredible audio engineer, as someone who has worked with many producers, I will confidently place Donny at the top. To anyone considering, working with Dreamcatcher Studio, don’t consider, just do it. You wont have any regrets at all.
— Dan Macon


I could tell how much drive and passion Donny Ingram had from the first time I met him. He makes sure his clients are having fun, and feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the entire day. As a drummer, Donny has an incredible and unique sense of tuning, mixing, and mastering of my drums for the appropriate style or genre. Donny has an amazing ear for enhancing my creativity and ideas, in order to improve the quality of the music. I highly recommend any artist or band that wants to take their music to the next level to work with Donny Ingram at Dreamcatcher Studio.
— Kevin Goren