Welcome to Dreamcatcher Studio

June 3, 2016

I'm Donny. I mix and master music. My goal is to bridge the gap between creativity and spirituality by highlighting vibe/feeling/emotion in the audio in efforts to resonate deeper with the listener... whoever that may be. 

My Story

I started recording on a TASCAM 8-track console that printed to a cassette tape that spun twice the speed (to rid of tape hiss). This console sat on an ice hockey table in my bedroom. I listened through headphones or through a Fender Twin Reverb (yes, monitored through a guitar amp). I was 11 years old at the time.  If I were to give that studio a name it would be “Dad’s Old Junk“.  

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A video of me from 2003.

It’s okay because when "Big Don" was done for the day, I was tracking on his sweet, sweet ADATs. If you don’t know what ADATS are, they are now arguably… old junk. When the guitar was no longer larger than I was, I began performing in bands. After a decade of gigging out, there came a time where, according to the old man, it was time to invest our time and energy into something greater.

A photo of me working with those sweet, sweet ADATs. 

After amounts of research, we began purchasing bits and pieces that would be the foundation of a new recording setup. We called it the “dream” purchase. Still feels like one.

As per our agreement, I paid him back using money I had earned providing music production services to friends and friends of friends.

After earning enough to relieve my debts, I approached my father and told him that I thought we should give the new studio a new name. He mentioned that he would like to incorporate the the idea of the “dream” that became our reality. 

My father passed away December 29th, 2012. The goal remains the same. To be a guide for bands and artists. To introduce their sonic concept into the world.
To take an artist’s dream, and to help make it real.