Wave Types – “Anchorage” EP

January 17, 2020

Wave Types, in a remarkable testament to their artistic vision and tenacity, has unleashed their debut EP, "Anchorage." This sonic journey was crafted with unwavering dedication, as the band wrote and recorded each track in the sanctuary of their home studio.

But here's where the magic takes flight: These musical architects, driven by their shared passion, entrusted their creations to the virtual winds, sending the files soaring through the digital realm to Dreamcatcher Studio. There, the tracks underwent a transformation, as remote mixing and mastering breathed life into the melodies, elevating them to new heights of sonic brilliance.

"Anchorage" is more than just music; it's an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. It's a reminder that creative dreams can be realized with determination and the belief that art knows no boundaries. Wave Types has anchored their music in the hearts of listeners, setting sail on a voyage that promises even greater sonic wonders on the horizon.


Donny is professional in every sense of the word. I respect his insight and knowledge. I love the fact he is a talented musician himself, and his ability to think like a musician when mixing is prevalent. He does what’s right for the song and the musicians who created it. The passion I had for my own music he had as well. So ask yourself this, why wouldn’t you want to work with someone who feels the way you do about your music?

Alex Cooke guitarist of Wave Types

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Credits: Mixing, Mastering

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