The Revived – “Three” EP

March 17, 2023

The Revived 's creative journey continues to blossom, and their latest release marks the third exquisite chapter in a series of EPs dedicated to the profound voyage of self-discovery, intricately woven within the captivating framework of the Enneagram.

The band took the reins, self-recording this work, a testament to their artistic prowess. Then, the hands of Donny Ingram at Dreamcatcher Studio meticulously mixed and mastered the tracks, breathing life into their sonic vision.

But this release is not just another EP; it's a pivotal step towards a grander musical tapestry. It's the final stroke of the brush that will complete the canvas, culminating in a full-length vinyl record that promises to be a masterpiece in its own right.

What makes this EP truly special is the conscious choice to explore a more synthesized and electronic sonic landscape. It's a bold step towards evolution, a deliberate exploration of new horizons while staying true to their roots. In this melodic journey, they hold a profound spotlight on the intricate web of emotions woven around the concept of "achievement," and the poignant absence thereof.

So, as you embark on this musical voyage with The Revived, let the harmonious fusion of sound and spirit resonate within you. Allow their artistry to be a mirror reflecting your own path of self-discovery, much like the enlightening Enneagram system they draw inspiration from.

The link provided invites you to delve even deeper into the profound insights this EP offers:

Credits: Mixing & Mastering