Overthoughts – “Ordinary”

November 6, 2020

Meet the extraordinary crew of Overthoughts – they're not just professional musicians; they're the Jedi masters of music, teaching the art while creating sonic wonders! 🎶📚💥

Now, hold on to your hats, because Bandmate Will Lopez is the musical wizard who runs the show at Dymaxion Recording in the charming realms of Frederick, MD. He's the Gandalf of sound, conjuring spells of musical brilliance! 🪄🎧🌟

And here's where the plot gets wild: When the world was grappling with the global pandemic, these creative renegades turned to Dreamcatcher to keep their momentum soaring higher than a SpaceX rocket! 🚀🌌

Imagine this: They tapped into the digital ether, streaming audio through the internet right into Pro Tools, where they shaped their sonic dreams with precision. 🌐🎵⚙️

But that's not all – they took collaboration to a whole new level, hopping on Zoom to conjure magic in real-time, with each band member adding their own spicy thoughts and opinions after every take. It was like a virtual rock 'n' roll roundtable! 🎤🔮🌈

And now, brace yourselves, because "Ordinary" is their second release ever, and it's anything but ordinary – it's a kick-ass testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft and their refusal to let anything, even a pandemic, dim their creative flame. 🔥🤘🎸

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Credits: co-production, vocal tracking, mixing.