Kevin Goren

March 25, 2018

Kevin Goren


enhancing my creativity and


“I could tell how much drive and passion Donny Ingram had from the first time I met him. He makes sure his clients are having fun, and feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the entire day. As a drummer, Donny has an incredible and unique sense of tuning, mixing, and mastering of my drums for the appropriate style or genre. Donny has an amazing ear for enhancing my creativity and ideas, in order to improve the quality of the music. I highly recommend any artist or band that wants to take their music to the next level to work with Donny Ingram at Dreamcatcher Studio.”

Livin’ large in the D.M.V. is studio drummer and jazz performance major Kevin Goren. I discovered Kevin online through his band, Stacked Like Pancakes, a not so ska – but kinda’ ska band that recently finished their journey across the United States with Van’s Warped Tour. I came across Kevin’s online content and immediately fell in love with how he applies his advanced knowledge of drum theory to the Maryland music scene. Kevin is experienced in diverse genres and has performed in multiple recording studios throughout the area. He is available for hire, and I encourage those who are seeking a drummer for their upcoming project to consider Kevin Goren.