Dan Macon

June 3, 2018



nothing but positivity and


“Typically, when you enter a studio, a rush of feelings engulf you. You may feel nervous, and intimidated, or you may feel inspired and excited. Walking into Dreamcatcher Studio, I felt right at home. I felt nothing but positivity and encouragement during the recording process. I left that day feeling motivated, and excited. I felt like I could accomplish any task. Working with Donny was not only fun, but very insightful. I left with more knowledge about life than I did when I entered. Donny Is an incredible audio engineer, as someone who has worked with many producers, I will confidently place Donny at the top. To anyone considering, working with Dreamcatcher Studio, don’t consider, just do it. You wont have any regrets at all.”

Drummer Dan Macon of Frederick, MD joins Dreamcatcher Studio to perform his rendition of “‘Til It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak.