Awaken I Am – “Na​ï​ve”

September 30, 2017

So one day I made a trip out to Oceanic Recording in Bethesda, MD  to pick up my Friedman Smallbox 50 that was used there for Jason Richardson’s solo album, “I”. (If you don’t know who Jason Richardson is, he’s a beast machine that shreds on the guitar.) Anyway, while I was there I met a group of awesome dudes that spoke kinda’ funny. Am I right, mate? 

Awaken I Am is a 5 -piece progressive rock band from Queensland, Australia. They’ve recently signed to Victory Records, and just released an album produced and recorded by Taylor Larson. 

After meeting the band, I was invited to come back to work on their record. I joined in and assisted in the production and recording of the track, “Naive”. 

Credits: Co-production

Thanks again to Taylor Larson and Awaken I Am for presenting the awesome opportunity to contribute to this masterpiece.